Our First Swarm

Last fall, I documented the process of building a top bar hive from scratch. Since then, I’ve been waiting to fill the hive with bees. My friend Chris (check out his blog) helped me out with this problem by telling me about a swarm in our area. He even drove me to the swarm and […]

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Back from the Dead

Whether we’re talking about my bees or this blog, they are both back from the dead. I haven’t written in a while because I didn’t think my bees we’re going to make it. In my mind, for the past 6 months, they were already dead. Things weren’t going well (documented in previous posts) and I […]

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Emerging Honey Bee

During our last hive inspection we took this video of a honey bee chewing its way through the wax cap of its cell and emerging onto the scene. It look less than a minute. Just thought we’d share it. Sorry the filming it a little unsteady!

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Long Live the Queen

All the advice we received was good: wait and let the bees take care of themselves. I’m happy to report you all were right. They did. They made a new queen and the colony is thriving again. We got in the hive this morning and found our queen in the second bar from the entrance, […]

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Last night I took a friend to see my hive. As we approached it, I immediately got concerned. Lots of bees were down roaming around on the gravel with seemingly no purpose. I hadn’t seen this behavior before, but had heard others describe similar “Zombees.” We watched them for a moment and then opened the […]

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