The Bees Have Stolen Our Hearts

Bees are unexpectedly affectionate. The featured photo for this post is one of my bees licking sugar water off my finger like a puppy might lap water from a hand. They are gentle by nature, unless of course, you’re trying to take their honey! Maybe it’s our dependence on bees. Perhaps it’s our affinity for honey and other bee products. Or […]

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Through the Looking Glass

I went to feed the bees this morning. It was early and the morning was cool, so no bees were out. I opened the observation window and watched them working away peacefully. I was peaceful too. There in the quiet. Rising sun on my back. Crisp air. It was really relaxing. And fascinating. I saw the waggle […]

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Behold the Brood

Yesterday evening we did our first full inspection in two weeks. We had two main objectives: make the sure the queen was laying eggs and make sure the comb was straight. Though we found a couple of surprises, all in all, we have a very successful report. The bees were collectively in a really good […]

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Pollen and Nectar Sources

Our bees have been carrying in large sacs of yellow and orange pollen. I’m not sure what the source of this pollen is, maybe a combination of many different flowers. Interestingly enough, I haven’t seen our bees on any of the blooms on our property (we’re on 5 acres in Southern Indiana), so they may be going […]

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Assembling the Hive

While we are waiting to do our next full hive inspection, we thought we’d post some photos from our hive assembly. Choosing a beehive is difficult…especially for beginners. But after doing a lot of research, my wife and I decided on a top bar hive (more on that decision here). That was just the beginning […]

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Robbers and Marauders

If you’re going to keep bees, then be prepared for robbers and marauders. There are any  number of different creatures in nature that want either the shelter of the beehive or the food inside the beehive. Some of them may even want the bees. I’ve already been dealing with three potential issues: ants, wasps, and some kind […]

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City of the Bees

One reason we got into beekeeping is the shear complexity of the honey bee. We wanted to witness all that these creatures do with our own eyes. Bees are one of the things in life that convince me that there must be a God. I don’t believe something so incredible could have happened by accident. I […]

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Inspecting the Hive

Tonight we did our first full inspection since correcting the cross-bar comb. We wanted to get in there and make sure everything was going as planned. We slowly opened the hive and lifted out the propolis-sealed bars, one by one. To our delight, there was beautiful, snow white comb hanging from 7 of the 11 bars. And […]

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Oh No! Cross-Combing!

If you read about our bee install or watched the video, it might have looked like everything went okay. Well, we made a crucial mistake. Yesterday we went to check on the queen. We opened the observation window and there was gorgeous white comb. But there was also a problem…it was built in the wrong direction. During […]

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