Back from the Dead

Whether we’re talking about my bees or this blog, they are both back from the dead.

I haven’t written in a while because I didn’t think my bees we’re going to make it. In my mind, for the past 6 months, they were already dead. Things weren’t going well (documented in previous posts) and I figured the winter would finish them off. I was discouraged and didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Well, I was wrong on all accounts. The bees have once again surprised and delighted me. And everyone’s advice has once again proven true: the bees can take care of themselves.

Going into winter, the colony’s numbers had dwindled considerably, and it looked like they’d already eaten all of their honey stores. Every time I checked on them, they seemed more doomed. Their numbers were down and I couldn’t find the queen. After that, I sort of left them for dead. I stopped feeding them and didn’t insulate the hive the way I’d planned to.

When I checked on them intermittently throughout the winter, I would always walk away pleasantly surprised with their condition, but I’d also walk away pessimistically, anticipating they wouldn’t survive much longer. That continued until about a month ago when I finally realized these girls have real fight in them.

On that day, I starting feeding them again. And when I checked on them yesterday, they were actually already bringing pollen into the hive. Where they were getting pollen in February after two weeks of solid freeze, I don’t know (one friend suggested it was from buds at the tops of trees) but I was delighted.

Never again will I give up on my bees. They obviously don’t give up on each other. It’s just another on the long list of things I’ve learned from them about how a community should function. When you work together, you can accomplish a lot.

So, I’m sorry to you and I’m sorry to my bees. I hope to write more frequently and better document my journey throughout the coming season, a year I have very high hopes for considering the early start they are getting.

Here is a slow motion video of the bees from a few days ago. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Back from the Dead

  1. Welcome back. I’m glad your bees survive the winter. They will pass on their tough genes to the next generation. Hopefully, they will build enough of a population that you can split the hive.

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