Long Live the Queen

All the advice we received was good: wait and let the bees take care of themselves. I’m happy to report you all were right. They did. They made a new queen and the colony is thriving again. We got in the hive this morning and found our queen in the second bar from the entrance, […]

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Last night I took a friend to see my hive. As we approached it, I immediately got concerned. Lots of bees were down roaming around on the gravel with seemingly no purpose. I hadn’t seen this behavior before, but had heard others describe similar “Zombees.” We watched them for a moment and then opened the […]

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Unpacking Bee Jargon

Beekeeping, like any other activity, has its own set of jargon. Words that are unique to the hobby that can be confusing. Some of these words are familiar to the general public, while others are mysteries until explained. Several readers said a dictionary is needed for some of the terms we’ve been using. I get that, […]

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A Beetle and a Sting

Yesterday afternoon we inspected the hive after a two and a half week hiatus. As a new beekeeper, that felt like a really long time. I was worried about cross-comb. But people have assured me it’s good to give the bees space. We chose a hot day, the hottest since we’ve had the bees. It […]

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The Bees Have Stolen Our Hearts

Bees are unexpectedly affectionate. The featured photo for this post is one of my bees licking sugar water off my finger like a puppy might lap water from a hand. They are gentle by nature, unless of course, you’re trying to take their honey! Maybe it’s our dependence on bees. Perhaps it’s our affinity for honey and other bee products. Or […]

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