Mystery Solved: Holly Tree Pollen

In my last post, I wrote about the different nectar and pollen sources available to our bees. Well, I failed to list the very tree that is currently the bees favorite hangout, the Ilex opaca, or American Holly tree. I hadn’t even noticed the blooms on the tree the day before. Partly because they are so small. But I noticed them this time. And as I approached the tree, I knew I’d struck gold. Pollen gold. They they were, in masses, collecting pollen and nectar. Their buzz was so loud I thought I might find a swarm on the tree.

I’m excited, because I read that holly honey is very good. I guess it’s quite common in northern Florida. It’s a light colored, mild tasting variety with a floral aroma. I look forward to it.

Some photos are below. This pollen is a bright yellow and the bees seem so happy with it, they didn’t care at all that my cell phone was shoved in their face. They almost seemed to pose for me. One even looked like he was washing his face in the pollen. I only wish I’d had a better camera with me.

Holly Honey Bee 1

Holly Honey Bee 3

Holly Tree Bee

Holly Honey Bee 2


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