Installing Packaged Bees in our Top Bar Hive

It was the perfect day to install packaged bees into our top bar hive. The trees were still blooming and flowers are ready to shoot out of the ground all around our land. It was 75 degrees and sunny. No wind. After months of waiting for the bees and wondering if May 2 was the best pick up date, everything fell into place. Package Bees (800x530)On Saturday, my dad and I drove to Kelley Beekeeping in Clarkson, KY to get the package. It was a 2 hour drive each way, but we made it fun. We’re actually lucky to be so close to such a reputable name in beekeeping. The people there were really friendly and helpful. Made us feel really good about buying from them.IMG_20150502_093948 (600x800) We drove home and put some sugar water in the hive feeder, and with the help of my wife, took to installing the bees. The video is below. It’s obvious we’re beginners, but considering that, I think it went pretty smoothly. Now we’re just hoping they build straight comb on our top bars.

If YouTube video doesn’t play, you can go here:


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