How We Got Our Name


It started with a trip to Turkey.

Our name – Promised Land Honey – originates from Exodus 3:8: the idea that God had set apart a place flowing with milk and honey for his followers. Milk and honey were simply illustrations of the plentiful harvest God would give in that land, however, honey certainly would have been part of that bounty. We live in the United States, but we don’t believe this place to be the promised land. That land would have been somewhere in the Middle Eastern / Palestinian part of the world. Many scholars think modern day Turkey would have made up a large part of the Promised Land (this idea comes from the mention of the Hittites in Exodus 3:8). Interestingly enough, Turkey is now indeed a land flowing with honey. In fact, it’s the world’s second largest producer of natural honey. And It’s delicious. I’ve been there and tasted. That is how our name came about. We originally thought we’d bring back honey from Turkey to the United States and sell it under the label, “Promised Land Honey”, and use the money to support some organizations we are involved with.  Then we thought, let’s just keep the bees ourselves, learn from Turkish beekeepers, and then take the honey to Turkey and give it out as gifts. So, that’s what we’re doing. In addition, a portion of any profits we make by selling our honey (likely none!) will be reinvested in Turkey.

To read about an experience I had with Turkish beekeepers, click here.

To learn more about our ongoing interaction with the Turkish people, write us at promisedlandhoneyfarm at gmail dot com


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